Apple Can Feel Its Reputation For Bulletproof Security Slipping Through Its Fingers

With its flagship iPhone event just a few days away, it appears that Apple is getting a little nervous about recent reports regarding the state of its lauded security features. On Friday, it took the unusual step of publishing a blog post to refute some recent claims about its operating system made by Google researchers […]

Securely Transfer Files For Free With Black Hole’s Blockchain-Based Service

We’ve covered many file-transfer servicespreviously, but we recently stumbled upon Black Hole, a relatively new service uses the blockchain-based Blockstack network for user logins, file storage, and delivery. (Best of all: It’s free.) Read more

Technology is Eroding the Ability To Move Around the Physical World Anonymously

Something really massive is happening, and I feel like society is barely grasping the tendrils of the implications. Technology is eroding one of the great levees of human society — the ability to move around the physical world anonymously. This is happening because computers are getting better at spotting patterns in data, and the cost […]

CERN turns to open source software as Microsoft increases its fees

For the last 20 years, CERN — home of the Large Hadron Collider — has been using Microsoft products under a discounted “academic institution” rate. But in March, at the end of its previous contract, Microsoft revoked CERN’s academic status. According to a CERN blog post, under the new contract, licensing costs have increased more […]

Wireless Tech Company Finds Way To Charge Drones In Flight

Global Energy Transmission (GET) co-founder William Kallamn says his wireless tech company has found a way to create a “power cloud” that can charge a drone while it’s in flight. “The system comprises a ground-based power station with a frame of wires positioned in a roughly circular shape,” reports Futurism. “When turned on, this creates an […]

Algorithm Trustworthiness Is The 21st Century’s Big Challenge

Last week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee in the United States. Ostensibly, one of the main reasons Pichai was asked to attend was in order to answer questions about security issues with various platforms operated by Google. But as you’d expect, the hearing turned into a comedy […]

How We Back Up Our Data To The Cloud

The subject of file backups and online storage came up the other day at a Lifehacker staff meeting, and resident door-holder Nick Douglas chimed in that his solution for backing up his laptop was easy: He never keeps any important files on it. Everything — and he means everything — lives in the cloud. Read more