WiMAX backers positioning 802.16e as an alternative to municipal WiFi

At this week’s WiMAX World show in Chicago, some of the buzz on the show floor was around municipal WiFi’s trouble. WiMAX’s backers think that 802.16e (also known as Mobile WiMAX) technology is a better option for wireless connectivity. read more | digg story

Ten things Linux distros get right (that Microsoft doesn’t)

I use Windows and Linux every day. They ’re both competent operating systems, each with reasonable applications and windowing systems. I find myself more productive on a Linux system, though, because of a few very simple differences. So what are the differences? read more | digg story

Folding@Home second milestone: PS3 breaks Petaflop barrier ON ITS OWN

It seems the front-paged “Folding@Home hits petaflop mark” news last week inspired more digging PS3 owners as the project organizers are now announcing that “the aggregated computation power of the PS3 consoles – by themselves – has crossed the Petaflop line”. That, fellow diggers, is another decade’s worth of cancer cure-related research. read more | […]

Recover corrupted/deleted LOCAL emails in Thunderbird.

I have always loved Thunderbird …but my love crossed all bounds today. Somehow in the morning, somehow (dont blame the birdy) my local folders got corrputed and I missed lots of mails from a specific very dear folder…I panicked but my faith in the birdy never wavered. read more | digg story