The ONLY Black iPhone in the World!

Dutch hacker Mark Hoekstra (of Slurpr & iNoPhone fame) takes a cracked iPhone and painstakingly reassembles it into a Black iPhone with a full color (old Apple Newton) Apple logo. The only one of its kind, a work of art! I want one too! read more | digg story

Steve Jobs keen on a world where people share WiFi

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is reportedly “very interested” in a world where people share their WiFi connections in return for free access to other wireless hotspots in their communities, and recently met with the founder of upstart provider FON, whose business aims might just dovetail with the iPhone maker. read more | digg story

Microsoft releases a new update for Windows Vista

With Service Pack 1 a few months away Microsoft was again forced to hear the cries of those who have bought its long-awaited OS, Windows Vista and has now released a new update that is set to improve the compatibility, reliability, and stability of the OS formerly-known as Longhorn. read more | digg story

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Discover cool apps on the iPhone with Wakoopa

Like Apple’s web app directory, but accessible on the iPhone and with a whole lot more features. Like adding friends and checking out what they actually are using this very moment on their iPhones. read more | digg story

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Linux vs. Windows Power Usage

We’ve compared the power consumption of Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Fedora 7, and Ubuntu 7.10. read more | digg story

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