Open Hardware Journal

“Open Hardware Journal is a new technical journal on designs for physical or electronic objects that are shared as if they were Open Source software. It’s an open journal under a Creative Commons license. The first issue contains articles on ‘Producing Lenses With 3D Printers,’ ‘Teaching with Open Hardware Submarines,’ ‘An Open Hardware Platform for […]

Can Open Hardware Transform the Data Center?

Is the data center industry on the verge of a revolution in which open source hardware designs transform the process of designing and building data centers? The Open Compute Project, an initiative begun in April by Facebook, is gaining partners, momentum and structure. Yesterday it unveiled a new foundation and board to shepherd the burgeoning […]

UK Man Gets Prosthetic Limb With A Smartphone Dock Built In

Trevor Prideaux was having trouble texting. Prideaux, who was born without his left forearm, used to have to balance his smartphone on his prosthetic arm or lay it on a flat surface to text, dial, or otherwise take advantage of the technology. So with some help form the Exeter Mobility Center in Devon, UK, the […]

Stanford software that models human motion travels to museum

In a new exhibit at The Leonardo, a science and technology museum in Salt Lake City, a team of Stanford engineers is demonstrating an open source software package called OpenSim that accurately models human movement. OpenSim is free and in use across the world helping scientists understand the complex forces of movement to improve diagnosis […]

Getting ready to build ICS from Android Source Code – Heavy duty machines required !

The day ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.0) will be made open-source is not too far. Once it is out, developers around the world(including OEMs like HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericcson) will start building the source code and start rolling out the update for android devices. But what bewilders me is the need for workstations with […]

MacFarlane: ‘Family Guy’ should’ve already ended

It’s a steamy day in early September and the “Family Guy” writers and producers are huddled in the lobby of a nondescript third-floor office in Los Angeles. 20th Century Fox TV chairman Gary Newman checks his watch while his partner Dana Walden makes small talk with Fox’s Kevin Reilly and Peter Rice. They’re all waiting […]

Cloud Driving Microsoft To Open Source?

“Sam Ramji thinks the days where Microsoft’s, (and Apple’s, and Oracle’s) love-hate relationship with open source are numbered, thanks to the cloud. Whereas some open source advocates say the cloud may kill open source, because users won’t have access to the source, Ramji says the cloud will be its salvation. Ramji, Microsoft’s original internal open […]