Watch The Dark Knight as a SNES Game

Ever wondered what the video game adaptation of Christopher Nolan’s celebrated Batman movie might look like if it were made back in the heady days of the SNES or Mega Drive? Well wonder no longer, because the good folk at CineFix have ‘gamified’ The Dark Knight in glorious ‘8-bit’ (well, almost entirely 16-bit) graphical detail.

The three and a half minute video covers all the major plot points of Nolan’s second Batman flick, complete with a tinny version of Hans Zimmer’s score and retro sound effects. Enjoy the video below.

Telstra/AFL launch Google Glass app

The Australian Football League, its partner Telstra, and local developer Seventh Beam have teamed up to deliver an app running on Google’s next-generation Glass augmented reality headset that will allow AFL fans to get live information associated with AFL matches — all through their headset.

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