We Now Have A New Drug To Treat The Flu

The flu vaccine remains the best proactive way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the influenza virus. But there’s now a new weapon available against the nasty disease. On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. announced their approval of a new antiviral treatment for the flu, said to be the first drug […]

How We Back Up Our Data To The Cloud

The subject of file backups and online storage came up the other day at a Lifehacker staff meeting, and resident door-holder Nick Douglas chimed in that his solution for backing up his laptop was easy: He never keeps any important files on it. Everything — and he means everything — lives in the cloud. Read more

Even After Microsoft’s Fix, Windows 10’s 1809 Update Is Still Botching File Operations

When it was discovered earlier this month that the 1809 build of Windows 10 was deleting user files just because, Microsoft halted the update until the problem was fixed. Shame, then, that another not-as-bad-but-still-bad file overwriting bug has now reared its head.  Read more