Content is the New Democracy

Here is a quote I have been preaching in speeches these days, “Content is the new democracy and we the people are insuring that our our voices are heard.” This wisdom is from Brian Solis who is an expert on social media. It is important for all of us to understand that for the first time in history, any person, for free, can communicate with 1.5 billion others over the Internet. Never before – highlight on the word “never” – could a person publish their thoughts to a vast chunk of humanity in an unfiltered and unhindered way. Sure, the president could get television airtime and reach lots of people, and the Superbowl is broadcast worldwide, but I am talking about you and me. In fact, I am talking about this document you are reading right now having the potential to end up in front of anyone, and everyone, with an Internet connection. These words are content and with a push of the button, they will be flung out into the world to create value, or not. I will have no bills to pay, and no control over where it goes from your screen.

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