Telstra needs real competition

Next week the so-called G9 consortium of everybody except Telstra will appoint a chairman and a bid manager to handle the tender for the Government’s national broadband network (NBN). read more | digg story

Internode: New broadband plans maintains free uploads

Just off the back of its announcement of more naked DSL products, Australian Internet Service Provider Internode – has launched a range of new consumer and business broadband plans that maintain free data uploads. read more | digg story

Oz broadband gets faster

INTERNET connections in Australia are getting faster, new figures released by the country’s chief statistician have revealed. read more | digg story

Always connected

WIRELESS is everywhere.Our planet is soaked in radio waves and, increasingly, our society cannot do without them to carry the information that keeps the world’s economies and information channels flowing. read more | digg story

Fears grow that Telstra will be the sole bidder

THE Federal Government’s assurances about the tender for an $8 billion-plus national broadband network have failed to allay concerns that Telstra will be the only party that can make a fully costed bid within just nine weeks. read more | digg story

Numbers crunched on Telstra backhaul

TELSTRA may be forced to cut prices for wholesale access to its telecommunications transmission cables because of a new pricing model devised by the competition regulator. read more | digg story