Month: August 2008

  • Doing things the GRM way

    Garry Rogers Motorsport (GRM) Team Manager Kevin ‘Shirl’ Shawyer has revealed the secret behind the team’s form this year. read more | digg story

  • EVDO and VoIP for Remote Audio Transmission

    A cellular plan using an EVDO modem can provide a connection with bandwidth of approximately 3Mbps to the client and 1.5Mbps up to the provider (comparable to DSL) for a much lower cost than alternatives such as satellite. For applications requiring high-quality audio transmission from remote locations, such as the radio remotes we do at […]

  • Lethal lives up to his name

    Despite finishing the first round of the season second and having three top 10 finishes since then, Lee Holdsworth is adamant he has more up his sleeve. read more | digg story

  • PostPath: Enterprise-Strength Open Source Exchange

    For enterprise system administrators looking for interoperability with Microsoft Exchange, but not the high costs associated with it, PostPath email and collaboration server could be a smart business investment. Boasting interoperability with Exchange environments for a third of the cost, thanks to its use of the Postfix mail server and many other read more | […]

  • Human exoskeleton suit helps paralyzed people walk

    By Ari Rabinovitch HAIFA, Israel (Reuters) – paralyzed for the past 20 years, former Israeli paratrooper Radi Kaiof now walks down the street with a dim mechanical hum. That is the sound of an electronic exoskeleton moving the 41-year-old’s legs… read more | digg story

  • Guy builds Massive folding farm with 51 nVidia Video Cards

    A person over at the forums and their folding@home team has put together an amazing folding farm, Consisting of 51 nVidia 8800 series GPU’s and 13 MSI P6N Diamond motherboards which each have 4 PCI Express slots for 4 video cards per board, based on calculations this folding Juggernaut can put out about 265,200PPD. […]

  • The New Lara Croft is Ridiculously Sexy

    In addition to being completely and utterly sexy, Carroll is flexible, personable, has eyes you could lose yourself in, and to top it all off, a British accent. read more | digg story

  • 45 Linux Viruses Found!

    What the??? read more | digg story

  • Steve Jobs: confirms kill switch, 60M iPhone apps downloaded

    Steve Jobs, presumably speaking from a hyperbaric chamber where he’s being nourished with an infusion of liquified developer-souls before his next public appearance, had a few interesting tidbits about the AppStore for the Wall Street Journal this morning. Namely, users have downloaded some 60 million programs for the iPhone representing sales of read more | […]


    Australian scientists are hoping to cure leukaemia, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis after their breakthrough discovery of how to stop killer blood cells growing. The team has unlocked the secrets behind the protein which controls the way the blood cancer cells spread when it is damaged – and have found a way to stop its deadly […]