Google says “Uncle”

Last week Google announced that they were pulling one of their latest services off the Web.  Google Lively was their first attempt to play in the virtual world space.  The concept seemed to me to be a poor attempt to let users create their own rooms where they could hold virtual conversations with other avatars.… Continue reading Google says “Uncle”

The Platform of Clouds

We hear about the ‘Cloud’ at every turn lately, but the cloud has been coming for a long time, in many varied ways. The well known players are all household names: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft,, Sun and more; but their ideas are closer than they would like to admit: offer reliable development… Continue reading The Platform of Clouds

Microsoft and the Cloud

At a developers conference last week, Microsoft rolled out a mind bending set of new ideas (products?) that leverage the concept of cloud computing. This makes a lot of sense because as companies figure out that they can rent software, storage and servers from big name providers like IBM, Amazon, Google, and HP, the landscape… Continue reading Microsoft and the Cloud