Sony Steals Feature From Your PlayStation 3

If the messages in EFF’s inbox today are anything to go by, a lot of people are upset and angry — with good reason — over Sony’s announcement that it is going to disable a feature that allows people to run GNU/Linux and other operating systems on their PlayStation 3 consoles. read more

Hands-on: Ubuntu One music store will rock in Lucid Lynx

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, has announced the official launch of the Ubuntu One music store. Integrated into the Rhythmbox music player in the upcoming Ubuntu 10.04 release, the store allows users to purchase downloadable songs and albums. read more

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Phase two engaged

V8 Supercars Australia revealed today that the Car of the Future (CoF) plan has an ulterior motive: making the sport even bigger, both nationally and internationally. read more

Car of the Future released

With the release of Car of the Future today (Monday), the future of V8 Supercars has been secured while the door has been left open for more manufacturers to join the category. read more

iiNet deal sees Netspace founders leave

Netspace co-founders and sole investors Stuart Marburg and Richard Preen plan to leave the internet service provider before its $40 million acquisition by rival iiNet is completed by the end of April, iiNet chief Michael Malone revealed this afternoon. read more

Webber apologises for Hamilton crash

Mark Webber has apologised for crashing into Lewis Hamilton in the closing stages of the Australian Grand Prix and was subsequently reprimanded by the stewards as a result. read more