Warning: Why your Internet might fail on May 5

Network managers are being urged to run a series of checks on their routers and firewalls to ensure their users will still be able to connect to internet sites in the wake of a major change to the internet’s domain name system next week. read more

DBCDE forum reveals filter legislation not drafted

Electronic Frontiers Australia today revealed what it said was evidence that Stephen Conroy’s department was hosting a protected online forum to discuss controversial issues about the Government’s internet filter initiative, including the lack of a complete draft of the planned legislation as of several weeks ago and the possibility of making it an offence to… Continue reading DBCDE forum reveals filter legislation not drafted

Google Android Partnership in Trouble

Google’s Android partnership is proving a strain as one manufacturer after another chooses alternatives to Google. Samsung Electronics Co has opted to use an alternative operating system with HTC Corp likely to follow in its footsteps. Motorola Inc has a non-Google version mapping software and Verizon Wireless closed plans on the addition of Google Nexus… Continue reading Google Android Partnership in Trouble

Will Android eat Apple?

Google’s first foray into mobile phones was an upsetting affair. The company whose search engine changed the world had been rumoured to be planning something equally revolutionary in a sphere dominated by the iPhone. Rumours had swirled of a phone that was free – one that would be, like most other Google products, supported by… Continue reading Will Android eat Apple?

HP buys Palm

HP has just announced that it’s acquiring Palm to the tune of $1.2 billion, which works out to $5.70 per share of Palm common stock. The deal is planned to close by July 31, which marks the end of HP’s third fiscal quarter of the year. Current Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein is “expected to remain… Continue reading HP buys Palm

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iiNet case appeal set for August

in brief The film industry will get four days in the NSW Federal Court’s August sittings to appeal a court decision that internet service provider iiNet did not authorise its users to infringe on the film industry’s copyright. read more