Bowe: HRT should sign Lee Holdsworth

Former Australian Touring Car champion John Bowe has thrown praise on young V8 Supercars star Lee Holdsworth, saying that the Toll Holden Racing team should sign him. read more

Network clash keeps AGP points-free

V8 Supercars new race deal at the Australian Grand Prix has delivered everything that the teams, drivers and fans wanted – except championship points. read more

NBN Co late on business case

NBN Co has not yet delivered its business case to the Federal Government, despite having previously said it would be handed over by 31 May, the group’s chief executive Mike Quigley confirmed this week. read more

Major announcement for V8s at Albert Park

V8 Supercars and the Australian Grand Prix Corporation have announced an extended deal, new race format and massive cash prize for the V8’s appearance at the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park. read more

Restart Windows Services from Your Linux PC

If you’ve ever wanted to remotely restart a service on your Windows PC from your Linux machine, the Command-Line fu web site has you covered with the quick and easy command to use. read more

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